Non NHS Roles

Associate Clinical Adviser (Medicine), the Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman:
Dr Staples works one day a week as a clinical adviser to the Health Service Ombudsman – the final arbiter in the NHS complaints process. He has special responsibility for determining the veracity of clinical decisions in the light of current best practice and guidelines.

Dr Staples has peer reviewed papers submitted to ‘Clinical Medicine’, the journal of the Royal College of Physicians.

Chair of Trustees, the Centre for Theology and Community:
There is increasing recognition - among secular as well as religious people - of the positive role faith plays in motivating volunteering and civic engagement. Dr Staples is Chair of Trustees of the Contextual Theology Centre, which helps churches to work for community cohesion and social justice. The Centre is one of the key partners in Near Neighbours, a £5 million project funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government to deepen relationships between people of different faiths and cultures. It has been an instrumental part of campaigns to promote affordable housing and a living wage for workers in East London and has thriving internship programmes with Oxford, Cambridge, Notre Dame and London Universities. Dr Staples was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts for his work in this field.

Trustee, ROSE UK:
Dr Staples sits on the board of ROSE UK, a member of the ROSE international body of charities which serve as grant making bodies supporting diverse projects in poor countries across the world.